The Sliders plugin allows you to create unlimited number of sliders in your WordPress-powered site. The sliders are built of slides that contain linked (to any url) images and titles. You can add jQuery-powered responsive sliders to any location within your theme, page, or post. Each slider can use its own specific settings. There is no limit on the number of sliders per site, post or page.



  • Multiple Sliders – there is no limit on the number of sliders you can put on a page.
  • Responsive – each slider automatically adjusts to its container.
  • Performance – the plugin resources (stylesheet and JavaScript) are loaded only where they are needed. These resources are not loaded on pages without a slider and thus not slowing your site unnecessarily. Also, multiple sliders on a page use a shared copy of the resources.
  • Flexibility – each slider can use its own settings (image size, animation effect, slide delay, animation speed, etc.).
  • Security – all plugin data is validated and/or sanitized both on input and output.
  • Integration – the plugin is seamlessly integrated into WordPress and its interface.