WP Engine is a managed WordPress host and one of the most popular hosting options for enterprises and high-traffic sites that use WordPress. Managed WordPress hosting is a sub niche in the hosting industry. It typically offers a hosting environment optimized for WordPress and handles specific security and maintenance protocols for you and will also stay on top of any WordPress core or plugin updates that are released so you won’t ever have to worry about running  outdated versions.

These protocols include WordPress updates, security, caching and more. This is a bit of a sneak peek into what WP Engine has to offer, but let’s get into specifics.

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About WP Engine

WP Engine aims to provide users with a suite of intelligence, integration, performance, and agility solutions. The goal is to make it possible for users to build and then deploy an online experience of their choosing, whether it is a content hub, an ecommerce website, a campaign site, or something else. WP Engine prides itself on offering solutions for people and organizations of all sizes, from global enterprises to small businesses.

WP Engine was founded in 2010 by Jason Cohen, who “wanted to work on interesting, real problems experienced by interesting, real customers.” WordPress powers 25% of all websites, but the average WordPress user still didn’t know how to secure and maintain their website properly.

This is something Jason wanted to change. He saw a gap between frustrated business owners trying to manage their own websites and hosts willing to go beyond offering servers for them to host their websites on. The solution was WP Engine.

WP Engine is a managed WordPress host, as stated before. It offers scalable cloud hosting servers, an automated caching system called EverCache and servers optimized for WordPress. In terms of reach, WP Engine has more than 70,000 customers spread across over 136 countries., including such companies as SoundCloud, National Geographic, Asana, Yelp and many more.

WP Engine prides itself on being the leading platform for a WordPress digital experience. It calls itself a new breed of traditional tech companies that combines service with software innovation. WP Engine aims to deliver solutions that brands need to create remarkable apps and sites using WordPress, allowing those companies to drive their business.

WP Engine also makes a conscious effort to be diverse as well as inclusive, including a wide range of people who share common values and purposes. Two-thirds of its C-Suite is female, 29 percent of employees are of a non-white ethnicity, and 8 percent of employees identify as LGBTQ. Additionally, 30 percent of employees do not have college degrees.

WP Engine Core Values

One of the core values of WP Engine is to do the right thing. This means doing what is right for the company and the customer. It also includes learning from mistakes and empowering fellow employees, so everyone does the right thing. That empowerment comes from being trusting, sharing results transparently, forgiving honest mistakes, demanding excellence from themselves, being accountable, and acting ethically.

Another core value is being customer-inspired. WP Engine aims to amaze customers with its transparency, expertise, and service. The company is grateful for the role it plays in the lives of customers by improving their reputation and business while delivering peace of mind.

WP Engine also has the value of “where the best gets better,” which includes being challenged by meaningful and interesting work that gets its inspiration from passionate people. WP Engine supports and develops other members of the team, celebrates successes, and nourishes leadership and personal growth.

Another value is being built to last, focusing on long-term investments. WP Engine builds with a focus on profitability and growth, so it is in control of its own destiny. This also extends to building lasting relationships with communities, employees, and customers.

WP Engine “aspires to lead” and is “committed to giving back.” This means that it hopes to achieve a leadership role within the community of those who use WordPress via sharing expertise, active participation, and original contribution. WP Engine empowers its team to participate in and lead programs that are meaningful to their communities, and the company also supports and engages with local communities.

A Focus on WordPress over other CMSs

The focus on WordPress comes from the popularity and usefulness of WordPress when it comes to designing websites. WordPress is an open framework that lets users customize the CMS to meet the needs of their business instead of the other way around. By contrast, a proprietary, closed system would require you to adjust your business to match the CMS.

There are also some striking figures that show why WP Engine chose to focus on WordPress, including the fact that 30 percent of all websites online are built using WordPress. Of the sites that were built with a CMS, 60 percent use WordPress. Additionally, 27 percent of the top 10,000 sites based on traffic use WordPress. There are also more than 100,000 WordPress developers.

What Does the WP Engine Platform Deliver?

The WP Engine platform delivers all the tools users need to create and deliver digital experiences via WordPress. It includes solutions related to performance, integration, agility, and integration. This makes it possible to use WP Engine to create a vast range of experiences. The platform is unified via powerful technology, an ecosystem of developers and partners, and award-winning services.

Creative Agility from WP Engine helps users build, manage, personalize, and publish. Actionable Intelligence focuses on marketing and development. Ecosystem Integration includes expertise and tech innovation. Finally, Enterprise Performance includes the cloud, scale, security, and high availability.

What Is WP Engine’s Creative Agility?

The Creative Agility features from WP Engine aim to deliver what you need to reach market faster and provide innovation. The features are divided into Build, Manage, Personalize, and Publish. Build includes 36 high-quality StudioPress Themes that are easy-to-use. These themes are powered by the Genesis Framework from WP Engine and include built-in security and SEO. This service also includes Auto Migration for the move to WP Engine, Serviced Onboarding to ensure onboarding goes smoothly, Deploy Site to move data between various cloud development environments, and Git and SFTP Connections, so team members can continue building with their choice of development tools.

WPEngine Features

One Click Staging is another Build element of Creative Agility, providing tools that make it possible to shorten and simplify the development cycles by letting you quickly test changes. The Dev, Stage, and Prod Environments come with all WP Engine sites, so you can quickly create an efficient development workflow. There are Dedicated Dev Environments that are isolated for development and testing. Launch Readiness Assessments give you a personalized prelaunch review with the experts from WP Engine. This looks at best practices and performance via site staging and code compatibility tests.

Moving onto the Manage functions of the Creative Agility feature, WP Engine performs daily automated backups for peace of mind. The platform also takes care of all the WordPress core updates, including automatically taking care of major ones and testing minor updates before it recommends you use them. For scaling, WP Engine lets you add SSL and CDN for transaction security and scaling, respectively, with one click. Manage functions also include multi-site conversion, turning it on or off via the User Portal. This section of Creative Agility also includes controlling the various user permissions, viewing and using the activity log with its published content and updates, and using the SSH gateway. To wrap up the Manage features, WP Engine allows for the simple transfer of ownership of the website and delivers support 24/7, 365 days a year.

Personalization via WP Engine’s Creative Agility includes geotargeting to deliver location-specific content to increase transactions and engagement along with custom functionality and WordPress plugins. The final part of Creative Agility, Publish, refers to the ability to use WP Engine to publish your quality content at a high scale with the CMS that improves creative agility via its ease of use and collaboration.

Overall, WP Engine lets customers build their vision via website experiences thanks to the use of open-source flexibility, unlimited workspaces, one-click tools, and a global developer network. Managing technology and scaling growth are also key aspects of Creative Agility. You can enjoy access to the in-house team of experts on WordPress, quickly make changes using administrative tools, and know that your website always has automatic upgrades. The digital experience platform allows for personalization via geo-targeting and access to the most reliable and safest WordPress plugins. The WP Engine platform makes it simple to publish content for programs, campaigns, or communications, even with multiple authors. This is enhanced by the ability to create content and metadata, as well as customize the editorial workflows.

WP Engine Enterprise Performance

Enterprise Performance from WP Engine refers to the ability to deliver scalability and secure digital experiences that have been optimized for WordPress. These features work for any number of views and relate to Cloud, High Availability, Speed, and Security. WP Engine has best-in-class cloud partners, so customers can access industry-leading architecture and use global data centers plus cloud coverage for quick loading and constant availability. If something does happen, automatic site recovery is there to help. Thanks to the WP Engine proprietary system, you get blazing-fast load speeds to help you stay competitive. The enterprise-grade security rounds out the confidence of Enterprise Performance.

The related Cloud features include the use of Amazon Web Services since WP Engine is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner. This allows for a range of solutions. Additionally, WP Engine uses the cloud to offer global data centers, including in the Asia-Pacific region, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States.

Enterprise Hosting

To provide the High Availability that is part of Enterprise Performance, WP Engine has data center redundancy with Amazon Web Services and uptime protection thanks to clustered configurations within dedicated environments, multilayered security measures that are proactive, and a fully managed content delivery network.

To deliver the speed that Enterprise Performance needs, WP Engine is HTTP/2- and PHP 7-enabled. This allows for the latest updates that can serve as many as three times the requests each second, improving conversions, visitor retention, and SEO. WP Engine’s proprietary EverCache reduces the strain on the resources of your website. This solution can move hundreds of millions of hits daily via the system. It has a fully managed global content delivery network (CDN) that sends the local requests to the closest server to allow for quicker loading of content. WP Engine also has a highly scalable architecture that can handle extreme traffic spikes. Overall, customers tend to improve their load times by 27 percent when they switch to WP Engine.

In terms of Security, the Enterprise Performance includes the built-in security of the StudioPress themes. The previously mentioned managed core updates and patches also provide security by ensuring you have the latest version with all the security updates. Security is further enhanced with two-factor authentication and traffic encryption using SSL on every page. WP Engine supplements all this with a proprietary system that dynamically detects and blocks malicious behavior to prevent cyberattacks. It also offers disaster recovery support from its experts and has a dedicated security engineering team that can take care of security audits and code reviews of internal processes and environments.

WP Engine’s Actionable Intelligence

The features that fall under the category of Actionable Intelligence from WP Engine focus on optimizing the digital experience via actionable insights on performance, content, and site traffic. Your marketing team will feel empowered with the new insights that allow them to create engaging content while the development team will appreciate the code-level insights that help them improve availability, site performance, and speed.

In terms of marketing, enjoy content performance insights on authors and specific content. This information is displayed via a visual dashboard which optimizes and simplifies the functionality of Google Analytics for WordPress, easily accessible with your WordPress admin.

Development-related aspects of Actionable Intelligence include Page and Application Performance. Page Performance focuses on improving website speed via a speed performance tool that integrates right into your user dashboard, and it is the first to do so. This lets you view the impact of new features and plugins immediately. Application Performance lets your development teams and IT operations enjoy visibility at the code-level. The result is the ability to troubleshoot issues with applications, regardless of the environment’s complexity.


WP Engine’s Ecosystem Integration

Ecosystem Integration features are divided into technology and service. These are the features that let you leverage the WordPress framework as well as the WP Engine integrated platform to give your brand-new opportunities. Technology-related features begin with Integration DNA, which refers to WP Engine’s ability to combine, integrate, and optimize more than 40 different technologies into its platform. This combines with the company’s building of its own proprietary tools, plugins, and solutions. WP Engine lets you leverage its integrated platform with the guidance and tech you require. You can integrate the WordPress experiences into the MarTech stack via the WordPress REST API for maximizing cross-platform insights and data.

To further Ecosystem Integration, there are more than 40,000 WordPress plugins that you can access, allowing you to build a robust and versatile digital experience for design, security, ecommerce, and more. WP Engine also has technology partnerships with Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Service, and other best-in-class innovators to enhance capabilities and optimize them for WordPress. The open-source code in the WordPress project is constantly being improved thanks to contributions, many of which are from the WP Engine team members.


The service element of WP Engine’s Ecosystem Integration begins with access to the entire company filled with WordPress experts. These include 14 experts on specific subjects, plus a support team that undergoes eight weeks of training. The service also extends to account management and onboarding, where customers can enjoy excellent hands-on service. WordPress experts are located in the United States and Ireland, which means that you can contact them at any time of the day. The service team is also award-winning, and customers can find more content from the expert team in award-winning publications, such as Velocitize and Torque Magazine.

What Else Should You Know about WP Engine’s Technology?

WP Engine feels that open-source technology is a powerful solution. The WP Engine platform consists of more than 30 different open-source technologies. In the company’s experience, open-source technologies can deliver quicker innovation than proprietary, closed systems.

It is also important to note that WP Engine integrates with technological leaders, like New Relic, AWS, and Google. The platform then optimizes these companies’ technology to use on WordPress.

WP Engine Hosting Plans

WP Engine is a premium “managed WordPress hosting” company that offers premium prices. It has five plans in total with prices starting at $29/month, which is more than your typical shared host charges, although you can get a big discount off these prices using our WPEngine Coupon Code.

It offers two server types, but they both have cloud infrastructures. The first is a virtual private server that uses a shared hosting environment, though it isn’t your typical shared hosting environment. Your site still exists on the same server as other sites, but they don’t share resources as they do in typical shared hosting environments.

WP Engine offers three preset plans, called Startup, Growth, and Scale, each building on the previous one. There is also a Custom option for larger businesses as well as mission-critical sites. If you sign up for annual prepay when you sign up for a WP Engine plan, you get two months of service free. All plans are also risk-free for 60 days.

WPEngine Hosting Plans

WP Engine offers three shared hosting plans, Startup, Growth and Scale. Here’s a breakdown of what each plan has to offer:

  • Startup
    • $35/Month
    • 1 Install
    • 25,000 Visits per Month
    • 10GB of Local Storage
  • Growth
    • $115/Month
    • 5 Installs
    • 100,000 Visits per Month
    • 20GB of Local Storage
  • Scale
    • $290/Month
    • 15 Installs
    • 400,000 Visits per Month
    • 30GB of Local Storage

Let’s take a look at these plans in details. It should be noted, before we start, that all plans offer unlimited data transfers and free SSL certificates.

Startup Plan

The Startup plan is designed for those who need the basics to start their blog or small website. It costs $35 per month and is designed for 25,000 visits each month and one site. It includes 10 GB of local storage and 50 GB of bandwidth per month. This plan includes the Genesis Framework; more than 35 StudioPress themes; transferable sites; LargeFS; PHP 7.2 ready; Page Performance; Global CDN; automated SSL certificates; 24/7 chat support; and environments for Dev, Stage, and Prod. If you do not want to upgrade to the next plan but need a few more features, you can add on WordPress Multisite, additional sites, Content Performance, and GeoTarget.

Growth Plan

The Growth plan is designed to appeal to growing businesses and costs $115 per month. It includes five sites and is designed for 100,000 visits per month. Local storage is 20 GB, and there is 200 GB of bandwidth per month. In addition to the features of the Startup plan, the Growth plan also adds imported SSL certificates and 24/7 phone support. It offers the same add-ons.

Scale Plan

The Scale plan offers the best value at $290 per month. It is designed with site and capacity limits that let companies scale their experiences. It also includes 15 sites and accommodates 400,000 visitors per month. The local storage increases to 30 GB, while the bandwidth increases to 400 GB per month. The available add-ons are the same as with Startup and Growth plans.

Custom plans are ideal for mission-critical sites or larger businesses. They provide a dedicated environment with high performance, the quickest support response, and managed onboarding. You need to talk to a sales specialist to get pricing since it depends on your company’s needs. Custom plans include 25 sites and millions of visits per month. The local storage can be between 100 GB and 1 TB with a bandwidth of more than 400 GB per month. In addition to all the included features of the other plans, the Custom plan adds WordPress Multisite, Content Performance, GeoTarget, consultative onboarding, a relaunch readiness assessment, and SSH Gateway.

The other server type is a dedicated VPS. It’s only available on the higher-end plans as it gives you access to your very own cloud server.

WPEngine Pricing

Compared to many of the other WordPress hosting websites you find online, WP Engine is a bit more expensive, but the company makes up for this in terms of what that price buys you. When you look at the actual total value of WP Engine plans, accounting for the included features and services, the value becomes great. At a bare minimum, taking care of WordPress updates and doing QA on your installation every month will take a half-hour. If you convert this into what you would pay a developer to take care of those actions, that already gives you the price of the Startup plan from WP Engine. To further make the value apparent, consider potential lost visitors from downtime or speed issues, neither of which will be a concern with WP Engine. You must also factor in the security features of WP Engine and what they would cost separately.

WP Engine Support

To ensure that all customers of WP Engine get the best possible customer support, the company trains all support team members for eight weeks. That training is followed up with continuing education. This ensures that every member of the support team has the necessary skills to deal with the most common issues as well as more complex problems. WP Engine also continuously measures its quality and skills to determine when more training is necessary.

WP Engine provides its customer support 24/7, every day of the year. There are customer support teams in both Ireland and the United States, allowing WP Engine to provide round-the-clock customer service. The three global support locations let WP Engine provide service to its 70,000 customers.

For an idea of how favorable ratings of WP Engine’s customer service are, consider the company’s awards. The support team has earned the Stevie Award four different times. The team also has a world-class Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 82. Additionally, consider that there are about 200 service experts available on your schedule, allowing for one-to-one live support. Due to the vast number of service experts at WP Engine, the average live chat response time is less than three minutes, letting you deal with any issues quickly.

One of the unique things about WP Engine is that its service team does more than answer questions specific to hosting. The team will also assist you with WordPress. When you need help troubleshooting a problem, the WP Engine support team will not only fix the problem but actually work with you to diagnose it. The team then provides specific recommendations that help you optimize your websites. User reviews of WP Engine customer support are typically high, stating that the support team has an extensive knowledge base, no doubt due to the extensive training. There are numerous stories of the support team problem-solving while on the fly.

WP Engine offers several tiers of support, but they’re all available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Live chat support is available on all plans. Phone support is available on the Professional plan and higher, and dedicated ticket support is reserved for Enterprise accounts. However, if you have a lower plan and support is not able to resolve the issue you’re having via live chat or phone, they’ll create a ticket for you.

There are several support options for WordPress novices. This includes having a staff filled with over 100 WordPress experts, all of whom are ready to help you tackle any problem. It also includes one of the most extensive knowledge bases any host offers. It uses a highly accurate search function and includes articles on every step of the process of running a WordPress site with WP Engine.

You’ll have access to “strategic account management” services on Premium and Enterprise plans. The service is included in Enterprise plans, but you’ll need to pay an additional price to take advantage of it with the Premium plan. It’s essentially a consultative service designed to “proactively plan your success.”

The WPEngine User Portal

WPEngine customers get access to their own user portal, from here you are able to manage all aspects of your account, your WordPress installs, you can view visitor stats for your sites, check the page performance, add users and manage your account. This is what the main dashboard homepage looks like:

If you click through to the “Installs” page, this is where you can manage all the aspects of each site you have with WPEngine. The page shows you a graph with your monthly visitors, bandwidth, storage usage, WordPress version and your IP address. On the left you have links for setting up things like redirects, backups, SFTP users, Git, SSL, Utilities and the site migration service. You can also click through with shortcuts to your WordPress admin area and the phpMyAdmin for your site.

There is another tab called “Page Performance” which will allow you to run a test on your site and see how it is performing speed-wise, if you click through and run the report you will receive an email once it’s complete. The report will show you how long the site takes to load, the size in KB and it will give you some recommendations on how to improve the score.

Here you can see I tested a default installation of WordPress with no posts and the default theme, no plugins installed and just using the WPEngine caching system. You can see it to 0.70 second to load and the report offered 3 suggestions to speed the site up even further.

WPEngine Speed Tests

WP Engine makes a point of its speed, and it does actually live up to this reputation. Those who use WP Engine for their WordPress hosting can let you know that even with custom theme files, images, forms, widgets, plugins, and ads, websites hosted on WP Engine run quickly. This comes from the features WP Engine offers specifically to enhance speed, such as caching and the use of a stack that is more advanced than the ones used by typical web hosts. If you do ever experience speed issues with WP Engine, the support team has a reputation for figuring out where the problem came from and helping you deal with it to get your website back up to being incredibly quick.

Of course with any hosting company, having a fast-loading site is essential these days – research has found that  “a 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.” and more importantly “40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load” Source.

WPEngine prides itself on the speed of it’s servers and in my testing I found this to absolutely be the case, they were the fastest host that I tried out using a default WP install with the default WP theme.

Here you can see the results of the Pingdom test, a load time of 345ms is very fast and there is also room to improve this by concatenating HTML, JS and CSS files as well as other small tweaks to improve load times.

WPengine Speed Test

And here are the results of a LoadImpact test, running from Dublin Ireland to the hosting location in California USA.

The results were :

  • Minimum response time: 777 ms
  • Maximum response time: 1.32s

If speed of your site is important to you, which it should be, then WPEngine are definitely among the very best, if not the best.

Genesis Framework

In addition to all of the services related to WP Engine, those who sign up for a plan get access to the Genesis framework as well as premium WordPress themes. This access alone has a value of more than $2,000 but comes free with any WP Engine plan. You can browse the available StudioPress themes before purchasing a plan. Because of the vast options available, you can sort the choices by category (business, ecommerce, enterprise, lifestyle, magazine style, photography, or real estate), features (accessibility ready, color styles, custom header, HTML5 markup, or mobile ready), or layouts (one, two, or three columns).

StudioPress Themes

The Genesis Framework lets you easily and quickly build websites using WordPress, with security and an SEO foundation. It is Gutenberg-ready, letting designers and developers create a reusable module for content and design, so end-users can customize and combine the modules to fit their needs. The Genesis Framework also includes plenty of theme options, a theme customizer, custom page templates, featured content widgets, mobile responsiveness, and customizable headers.

The Pros of Hosting with WP Engine

Hosting with WP Engine comes with a number of advantages and disadvantages, but we’re going to focus on the ones that will likely to hold the most influence over whether or not you choose to use this service. Let’s get into it.


WP Engine is a managed WordPress host, and the number of built-in services it offers gives you a clear indication of what that actually is. One of those services is EverCache, WP Engine’s very own caching system. It caches your site at the server level, negating the need for a dedicated caching plugin that only caches your site at a PHP level.

This system is included with every new install. It detects when your site needs to be refreshed and does so automatically, though you can also set this setting to manual. You can also ask support to implement special caching rules if you wish.

CDN Services

CDN services are available for all plans thanks to WP Engine’s partnership with MaxCDN. The service costs $19.95/month on the Personal plan, but it’s included free of charge in the Professional and Business plans.

Premium and Enterprise customers are expected to pay $0.12/GB after using up their first 1,000GB, which is included free of charge.


With a cloud infrastructure and built-in caching and CDN services, WP Engine’s servers are optimized for performance. Jerry Low of Web Hosting Secret Revealed even reported experiencing a 50% drop in page load times immediately after switching his site over to WP Engine’s servers. He also maintained an uptime average of at least 99%.


WP Engine implements several security measures to protect your site, including scanning for malware, using an advanced firewall and placing limits on the processes allowed to write to your server’s disk.

Developer Features

Staging environments come with every plan. A staging environment allows you to create a copy of your site and install it in an isolated location on your server so you can run tests or play around with your site without breaking its live version.

WP Engine also offers transferable installs. This means developers can use their own WP Engine accounts to begin working on client projects when their clients aren’t ready to purchase their own accounts. They can transfer the sites over to their clients’ accounts when they’re ready.

 Resource Center

WP Engine’s Resource Center includes articles, case studies, e-books, infographics, white papers, videos, and webinars. These cover a vast range of topics and are designed to help anyone who uses WP Engine find the information and tools they need to enhance their website or other aspects of their company. You can search the hundreds of resources based on the role they provide information for (including agencies, developers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, marketers, and site owners), resource type, or topics. The topics include WordPress as well as uptime, SEO, security, scalability, performance, marketing, entrepreneurship, and ecommerce.

Solution Center

The Solution Center offers a range of solutions that are designed to enhance the website you create with WP Engine. You can look at featured solutions or focus on experiences, technology, or expertise. Some examples of solutions include those that make it easy to build a native app, translate, search, increase speed, create lead capture forms, use SEO, and more. Solutions are divided into site setup, development, speed, security, marketing, design, ecommerce, enhance, content, site elements, education, and service companies.

The Cons of Hosting with WP Engine

There are many advantages of hosting with WP Engine, but it does have its drawbacks. For starters, WP Engine is an exclusive WordPress host, which can pose a problem for those who don’t use WordPress exclusively or developers who want to work with one host but many content management systems.

We also need to mention the drawbacks that come with using a managed WordPress host as opposed to a typical host. There are many plugins you aren’t allowed to use on WP Engine’s servers due to its use of a built-in caching system and security measures. These plugins include WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, Wordfence, WP DB Backup and more. You can view the full list here.

What Awards Has WP Engine Earned?

WP Engine has earned several accolades over the years. The Austin Business Journal named the company one of the Best Places to Work in Central Texas in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. In 2014 and 2015, the Austin American Statesman named WP Engine one of the Top Workplaces in Austin. In 2016, it received an International Business Award as a Gold Stevie Award Winner. In 2017, WP Engine earned a spot on Fortune’s list of the 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials and a Recognize Good award for Ethics in Business & Community.

The team members behind WP Engine has also earned many awards over the years, showing their passion. Heather Brunner won a CEO Award from the Austin Business Journal in 2015, the title of CEO of the Year as a Chamber of Commerce Award in 2016, and the title of Entrepreneur of the Year for Central Texas from Ernst and Young in 2017. Jason Cohen earned the Techflash Titans award in 2014 from the Austin Business Journal and the Entrepreneur of the Year honor in Central Texas from Ernst and Young in 2017, which he shared with Heather Brunner.

WP Engine Security

Most of the security features from WP Engine are part of the Enterprise Performance solutions mentioned above. Essentially, WP Engine takes care of all the steps you would have to take yourself if you were to run your own WordPress site. This includes ensuring that your install and plugins are always up to date to keep out cyberattacks, taking care of automatic backups, and even conducting code reviews in conjunction with top security firms.


WP Engine offers hosting for those who run WordPress websites, along with an expansive list of added services. Every single WP Engine plan includes value-added features, such as the Genesis Framework, and plenty of themes.

Plans also include extra services, such as automated SSL certificates, 24/7 expert support, and Global CDN.

WP Engine is a great host, but it’s not for everyone. Its prices start at $35/month ( less if you use our coupon code ), which could make it expensive if you are running a hobby blog or website which is just for fun. However if you make money from your site or it is for your business and up-time, speed and reliability are important factors then you will honestly not find a better WordPress host.

It’s especially a great host for WordPress novices who need servers as powerful as these. You won’t need to worry about installing or configuring caching or security plugins nor will you need to worry about maintenance. Everything is taken care of for you.

Ready to give WP Engine a try? Click the link below to learn more and receive 30% off your first payment.

Visit WP Engine










  • EverCache
  • CDN Services
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Developer Features


  • WordPress Only
  • Some Plugins Restricted

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  4. WPEngine are the absolute leader in managed WordPress hosting – I have used them for a long-time now and they have been excellent. If it is important to you that your website stays online, loads fast with no plugin or hacking problems then you should give WPEngine a trial.

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