If you work as a freelancer online, one of the most important aspects for managing your finances is keeping your invoices and customer payments in order. There are a number of commercial apps and systems you can use to do this, however they will charge you a monthly fee or take a cut of your payments. Chances are you already work with WordPress or know how it works, there are a number of free plugins you can use to turn WordPress into a customer invoicing system.

A good invoicing system should include features like client management, PDF invoices, reporting, recurring billing, discounts, estimates and so on. It should be easy to use for you so you can setup it once and then integrate it easily into your working life. It also needs to be easy for the client with clear information on what they are being billed for and above all, it should display their payment options nice and clearly so you can get paid as soon as possible.

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In this post we have gathered together the best Free WordPress invoice plugins, these will help you keep your clients in order and make sure you get paid on time.

Sliced Invoices

A flexible, well-supported, and easy-to-use WordPress invoicing plugin to create professional quotes and invoices that clients can pay for online. Sliced Invoices is an invoicing system that is easy to use but at the same time comes packed with features to help make your quoting and invoicing a breeze.

The basic plugin is free to download and they also sell a number of paid extensions for adding more functionality. Extensions include things like Tax, Client Area, Discounts and Partial Payments, PDF Invoices, Different payment processors and so on. Free plugins with add-on modules like this tend to work well as you are only paying for the exact extra functionality that you need. They also offer bundle deals which include a number of the extensions and will save you money from purchasing them separately.

  • Free Plugin with Paid Extensions


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Sprout Invoices

Premium WordPress Invoicing Plugin. Take control of your invoicing! Fully customizable, no limits, and features you can’t get anywhere else. Reduce the time spent getting paid. Improve your business workflow with automated tasks for fielding project requests, estimating projects & getting paid.

Sprout Invoices has a free version, a pro version and also offers a number of paid extensions.

  • Free Plugin with Pro version and Paid Extensions


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WP Invoice

WP-Invoice lets WordPress blog owners send itemized invoices to their clients. Ideal for web developers, SEO consultants, general contractors, or anyone with a WordPress blog and clients to bill. The plugin ties into WP’s user management database to keep track of your clients and their information.

  • Free Plugin with Paid Extensions


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Invoice King

Invoice King Pro makes creating and sending your invoices simple. The invoice creation interface gives you full control over every word on your invoice. Choose a different theme to give your invoices the look, style and layout that you want.

  • Free Plugin with Paid Extensions


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Invoiced WP

The Most effective way to Get Paid by your clients. Rather that using a spreadsheet or word processor sent through to get your invoices to your customers Invoiced WP makes the creation of invoices faster and easier. Send it directly from your webiste and get paid.

  • Free Plugin


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Sumo Invoices

SUMO Invoices is a Complete WooCommerce Invoicing System. It supports the PDF Invoice and PDF Proforma Invoice. SUMO Invoices is highly customizable and is a Must Have WooCommerce Plugin.

  • Paid Plugin $22


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Quip Invoices

Quip Invoices is a complete invoicing solution built directly into your WordPress website. Create and send invoices, accept credit card payments using Stripe or Paypal, store client information and track your sales with Quip Invoices.

  • Paid Plugin $26


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WP Pro Invoicing System

The “WP PRO Invoicing System” WordPress Plugin is a standalone plugin that allows you to create invoices on your WordPress site. It has many powerful features to handle invoices on your website. You can easily Create/ Edit/ Manage/ Export/ Send/ Track/ Report/ … your invoices in just a few clicks.

  • Paid Plugin $29


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  1. Hay, are there any chances to include our new plugin in this list too?


    We’d really appreciate it!

    • Hello Paolo,
      I have a few questions about your plugin:

      1. Does your plugin have a user dashboard like wp-invoice?
      2. Can we use already registered user in the WordPress user database to create invoice for them and the invoice created can be seen on their dashboard?
      3. Can we use manual payment (offline payment) where the client pays cash to the admin and admin enters the amount paid from wp-admin?

      Looking forward to your response.

      Thank you,

      • Hi David,

        1. It does not out of the box, but we have 2 shortcodes that allow you to create one: [wpinv_history] to show all invoice history and [wpinv_subscriptions] where users can manage and view subscription payments.

        2. Yes

        3. There is an add-on for that: https://wpinvoicing.com/downloads/cash-on-delivery-payment-gateway/



  2. hello, i want to know if you know a plugin for my business:
    I have a list from around 3.000 customers and not all of them pay the same amount, so the amount depends on the client ID.
    I need to import the ID client and the amount in some way, and if they search their ID they can find the amount to pay, then click the payment button, etc.
    Any of these work with this requerements?

  3. Hello,
    I want a Receipt plugin. After an order is completed, the customer will get a Receipt, but not an Invoice. Right now, all the plugins are sending customer an Invoice for order is completed. I have many customer asked for Receipt, but not Invoice, that showed their Balance is Zero (they have paid). Thanks

  4. Hello!

    I also want to recommend PDF Invoice Builder (https://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-pdf-invoice-builder/) it is an invoice builder for woocommerce. The difference with the other plugins is that in has a drag and drop pdf designer, so you can create your invoice exactly as you want it without coding at all.

  5. hi

    I use wp invoice with the quotes add-on. its very good for most of the things I need but it lacks one feature that I need more and more these days. Does anyone know if any of these other plugins can do the following:

    When I raise a quote it is often for multiple pieces of work. This is ok if the client wants all that work doing but often they might just choose a few items. This becomes a convoluted process as they message me and tell me to go ahead with two bits of work and forget about the other things that i quoted for.

    I then have to delete the items from the quote and resend. It causes issues with nearly every job i quote now.

    What I would like is the client to be able to delete what is not required from the quote and then just click accept. Anyone know of any invoicing system that does that.

  6. The next version of our quotes add-on will have that option: https://wordpress.org/plugins/invoicing-quotes/

    We are also about to release 7 new payment gateways:

    First Data
    PayU Money
    Amazon Pay

    and 3 new add-ons

    Multitax – set multiple taxes per item
    PDF Invoice
    Gravity Forms Integration

    ETA by end of next week

  7. i am looking for a standalone invoice generator like https://invoice-generator.com/#/1 to add to my website, without people have to login or anything, (i prefer html5, so nothing will be stored on my servers) anyone knows what kind of plugin and where i can find this i am already looking for weeks

    • You haven’t found anything, because what you search doesn’t exist.

      There is no way to have an Invoice Generator installed on your website that doesn’t store anything on your server.

      Unless you are using an saas system (like the one you linked) via an iframe or building an Interface with it if they provide an API.

      Hope this helps 🙂

      • Hi
        Thanks for the reply
        I do not really understand us we some that use html5 and cache the invoice in the browser cache. That aside I just want like the example u send the link of you know where to get this? Just like https://invoice-generator.com/#/1

  8. I am searching for an invoice plugin that would let me create several invoices at once, for a group of clients, all with the same items. Would bi nice if the interface could let me select one item and several clients to include it on their invoices.

  9. I am truly glad to read this webpage posts which carries lots of helpful information, thanks
    for providing these information.

  10. Very helpful and great article.

    One more effective WooCoomerce PDF Invoice plugin is not listed here. Woo Invoice (PDF Invoice and Packing Slips).

    We’d really appreciate if you include that plugin in the list. Thanks

  11. How can anyone sleep at night when they say it’s free, so long as it’s paid for? I don’t mind paying for software, but do mind when it;’s a scam. These, all of the above with “paid addons” is akin to giving away brand new cars so long as one pays for the metal.

    Simplify the B.S. – show the price, without the convoluted journey to find out what it really costs. Show the complete WORKING, non-crippled package with thew total cost. If Devs still want to avoid the taxes (that’s what ‘free for only $###.##’ is about), then show the price and say the framework or ‘core’ is free. But come on guys, NOTHING on the Internet is free.

  12. Invoiced WP plug-in has been closed down for ‘guideline violation’ You might want to remove the reference to it?

  13. “There are lots of PDF Invoice & Packing Slip Generator Plugin available.But I want to recommend WooCommerce PDF Invoice & Packing Slip Generator.

    It is a WPML compatible.

    For more information, visit this link – https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-pdf-invoice-packing-slip-generator/24179339”

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