Need help installing the theme? Head over to the theme installation tutorial.

If images don’t appear with the correct sizes, you need to recreate all image thumbnails! You don’t need to do it manually – there are plugins that can do the job for you. A good one is Regenerate Thumbnails. Just run it AFTER installing and activating the new theme and wait till it completes its job.

Setting up The Homepage

The following steps will teach you how to achieve the structure of the Oxygen demo site. You will also learn the specifics of the theme, which aren’t really that much – it’s made to be as intuitive as possible.

Login to your WordPress admin panel and navigate to “Pages -> Add New”. Fill in a page title – ‘Home’ for example (doesn’t really matter) and then click the “Template” dropdown list. Select “Front Page” and then click the “Publish” button.

Go to “Settings -> Reading” and set the front page to display a static page – from the “Front Page” dropdown list select the title of the page we created in the previous step. In this case that was ‘Home’.

Adding Posts

Start adding posts to your site from “Posts -> Add New”. Write title, text, images, video, etc. Choose category(-ies) and tags for the post. Then look at the bottom right panel and set a “Featured Image”. After all is done, there is just one final step – specific for this theme…

Just under the “Featured Image” box, there is another one – titled “Location”. If it’s not there, then you need to enable it by clicking the “Screen Options” button (upper right corner) and checking “Location” – then it would appear. This is where you choose where the post should be displayed on the home page.

Select “Featured” if you want the post to be displayed in the featured content area – as a slide. The next three posts with the wide thumbnails are the “Primary” area. And the remaining 12 posts – presented by their title and metadata only, form the “Secondary” area.So make your choice by clicking one of the radio button and then “Publish” the post.

Note: You can remove a post from the home page later – by editing the post and selecting the last option “Do not display”. It will remove the post from the home page (but only from the home page!).


Oxygen supports three menus. Navigate to “Appearance -> Menus” to set them.

One is the main horizontal nav bar at the top of the theme.

Two is the dark sidebar menu on the left.

Three is the footer menu on the right.


For some fast theme customization, go to “Appearance -> Customizer” and play with the available options.

You are able to change the Site Title and Tagline, Change Fonts, Colors, Header Image and Slide settings.

If you want change the theme even further, you should build your own Oxygen child theme and apply the modifications there.

You can read more about theme customization here.