An online presence has become so important to modern restaurants, connecting with your potential customers online via your own website and social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter can help drive more people through your doors and increase your turnover. People expect to be able to look up your menu, see photos of the dishes and book a table, all with a few clicks of their mouse or taps of their finger on mobile devices. That is why it is important to have a modern, accessible and responsive restaurant website, WordPress is the perfect platform to help you achieve this.

WordPress is free to install and use, then you just need to add the perfect WordPress theme to compliment it -if you require extra functionality such as online bookings or a calendar there are plugins to handle that. You could also use a plugin to add an online menu or a PDF menu for potential customers to browse.

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In this collection we have hand-picked the Best WordPress restaurant themes for 2016, each theme listed here has a great looking design, modern styling and all the features you will need for your new website. Add text and images about your restaurant, add your menu and opening times and even take bookings for tables via your website.


The Alexander WordPress theme is a simple yet smart looking template for a restaurant or eaterie website. The clean looks and full-screen background image options are great for a food blog personal website as well. Alexander comes with fully responsive boxed design and nice segmented menus for all the pages.


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Boasting a unique look, Gulliver is a great WordPress theme to showcase your restaurant, cafe, share food festivals events or start your own food blog. Gulliver comes with a large full-width header image while the menu options adorn the lower half of the page. Gulliver supports image gallery, event creation, scheduling and more.


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The Gourmet WordPress theme is a fully responsive template to create a restaurant or cafe website. The theme comes with an attractive design and plenty of space for the content. With Gourmet, you can create your website very fast thanks to the customizing options. Added social media buttons and a catchy food item preview option on the homepage make Gourmet a great choice for your restaurant website.


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A simple, elegant and attractive single page WordPress theme, Paggani is absolutely stunning to look at. With a burger menu at the top to hide away the menu items, plenty of space for the actual website content and a fully responsive design, this theme is extremely useful for a variety of purposes. Create a beautiful product landing page or a single page website for your restaurant, cafe, bistro, eaterie, bar or pub with Paggani.


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Pasta & Ravioli Company

The Pasta and Ravioli Company WordPress theme is designed to promote your restaurant, cafe, diner or bar website. The clean and refreshing look of the theme ensures the website will get plenty of love from the visitors. The cursive font, beautiful logo at the top left and a large header image will definitely take your business to the next level.


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The Foodhouse WordPress theme is a restaurant or bar themed template that lets you create beautiful full-width image galleries of all the tasty treats you have to offer. The theme lets you build a website that showcases menus, offers, pricing and packages for willing patrons. Fully responsive and extremely attractive, Foodhouse is one of the best themes for a restaurant website.


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The Giglio WordPress theme comes with large attractive typography, a large header image option and fully responsive design. All the menu options including an image gallery, restaurant menu and blog reside at the top. The theme is very easy to customize and lets you create a restaurant website in no time.


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Designed to entice the viewers with stunning images of your menu item, Lorenza is a great WordPress theme for a restaurant website. The header image gallery and the beautiful menu options will definitely make your restaurant website one of the most captivating look at.


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Little Italy

A theme designed especially for restaurant websites, Little Italy comes with multiple menu options to choose from. With Little Italy, you can display your website menu in grid, masonry, list or justified styles. The unique font style of the theme grabs the attention of visitors easily. Little Italy lets you customize every element of the theme so you can create that perfect online representation of your restaurant on the internet.


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Central Food

Simple, elegant and powerful, the Central Food WordPress theme is a fully responsive template for your restaurant or cafe. Easy to design and customize, a website created with Central Food looks absolutely stunning.


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European Restaurant

A perfect WordPress theme for restaurants, European Restaurant relies on images to create captivating representations of your business on the internet. With European Restaurant, you can easily create a website displaying your menu, your restaurant theme, your chef and other team members and the delicious food you serve. European Restaurant comes with a fully responsive theme so visitors can enjoy the website from any device they want.


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Created with vivid colors, a striking layout and a cool header slider, the Gourmet WordPress theme can help you create a spectacular website for your website. Add menus, food images and any other details you would love to add to your website. The strong visuals of the Gourmet should appeal to visitors immediately.


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Meat & Fish

The Meat & Fish WordPress theme is a throwback to the early days of the internet when websites used to be attractive without being too fancy or frilly. The theme comes with a large number of customizing options and the look is something that should stay in the visitor’s minds for ages. A full page background image to show off your dishes and the beautifully framed content boxes draw immediate attention.

The most captivating part of the theme is the color scheme. Beautifully chosen faded colors should suit any traditional or old restaurant business perfectly. With the theme, you get options to add dates and times for special events, display the main attractions of your website in beautiful sticky note style blocks that look exactly like the orders a chef would have stuck to his cooking platform. With Meat & Fish, your restaurant website will surely create a ripple, if not a storm.


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Santa Cruz

From rustic, we venture into the fancy with Santa Cruz, the WordPress theme that is all about colors and pizazz. With Santa Cruz, the blood red color scheme can single out your website from the rest effortlessly. Big content blocks to write the important stuff, the theme has a number of customizing options that you can use to suit your needs perfectly. Santa Cruz is a great choice for any bar, cafe, fancy restaurant or pizzeria.


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Own Taste

Simple yet spectacular, Own Taste lets you own your competition with a beautifully crafted website that should suit any fine dining restaurant, cafe, bar, pizzeria or fast food joint. Apart from looking absolutely professional, the theme comes with a large background image option and clever front page slider to show off your dishes and menus.

Building a website with Own Taste is extremely easy and you also get to show off your portfolio and customer testimonials on the front page to build a reputation you have been looking for. The theme also comes with support for online table bookings to give your customers a useful alternative to dialing in for a booking.


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The Carpio WordPress theme is an absolutely beautiful template to build your restaurant website upon. With pearly white color scheme adorning the pages, the beautifully subdued yellow grabs the attention towards the pertinent details. The image section is separated by an attention grabbing orange color that manages to stay tasteful. Carpio is very fast to load and should suit any restaurant, bistro, pizzeria or cafe website very well.


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Italia Restaurant

One look at the Italia Restaurant WordPress theme immediately takes you back to an authentic Italian restaurant or pizzeria with its rustic wooden look, colorful design and classic font selection. The theme comes with options to add vivid colorful images of your dishes that should work up some hunger for your visitors immediately. Italia Restaurant theme is suitable for any restaurant or pizzeria website.


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De Gusto

Designed specifically for a Mexican restaurant, the De Gusto WordPress theme is a fully responsive template that supports large images, menu, a blog and perfectly segregated content blocks. Entice the visitors with high-resolution images of authentic Mexican food and they would know what to expect when they arrive.


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Hot Pepper

Another WordPress theme designed especially for Mexican Restaurants, the Hot Pepper keeps it simple yet attractive with eye-catching red and white colors on top of a black background, large font size and beautiful content blocks to display all the important information about your restaurant. With Hot Pepper, you can set all the contact details of the restaurant at the header which is a great option for visitors to contact you without hassles. With this theme, you can also showcase any important upcoming events or food festivals at your joint. The theme is great for any Mexican restaurant, pizzeria or other cafes.


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Restaurante is a simple, clean, attractive and extremely useful WordPress theme perfect for a restaurant website. Fullscreen, full-width background image, transparent menu options up top, table booking facility and fully responsive design are just some of the goodies you get with this theme. Designed with the Bootstrap framework, Restaurante can take your restaurant, bistro, cafe or pizzeria website to a new height.


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Italian Restaurant

No matter where in the world your restaurant is, everyone loves Italian food and restaurants. What better way to get your Italian restaurant online than using Italian Restaurant, a full-fledged WordPress theme designed especially for Italian restaurants? The beautiful color scheme of the restaurant immediately reminds visitors of Italian food. It comes with a number of built-in features such as reservation, short codes, customizing options for header, menus and a number of premade layouts. With Italian Restaurant, you can add full-screen full-width background image options and a customizing panel to tweak the website any way you want.

It comes with a number of built-in features such as reservation, short codes, customizing options for header, menus and a number of premade layouts. Built on the Twitter Bootstrap, Italian Restaurant supports full-screen full-width background image options and a customizing panel to tweak the website any way you want.


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Designed to power Chinese or Oriental restaurants, Unagi can take your restaurant or takeaway business to another level. This WordPress theme comes with a clean, trendy and attractive layout. While extremely lightweight and fast to load, Unagi is also powerful with its numerous customizing options and fully responsive design. The customizer panel of Unagi lets you tweak your website to your heart’s content.


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A fast food themed template for snacks, light eating, and fast food joint owners, Burger WordPress theme is as light as a quick evening snack of your favorite burger. The theme is simple to use, attractive to look at while being fully responsive and fast for your website.


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Greek Restaurant

While Greek Restaurant is designed for Greek restaurants (as the name suggests), it is a clean, simple uncluttered template for any restaurant business website. The theme comes with unique white and cyan color scheme that should grab eyeballs immediately. It is fully responsive and highly customizable, giving you full control over how your restaurant website should look like.


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    I like to recommend one more food based theme that is FoodFork. It has custom menu card, customizable mega menu, unlimited theme colors, fully widgetized home page and many other attractive features included with it.

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